Online Performance/Practice Room

Feel free to use this area to meet up for performance practice runthroughs in preparation for auditions. Or, if you’d like a bit of accountability to follow through on practice activities you’ve been avoiding, you could set up times where you agree to practice or do recordings or do metronome practice while muted. Kind of like having a workout buddy to go to the gym with.

I’m curious about the tech side of things, and how well this may or may not work, so if you’d like to send out a group message or invite other folks in the cohort to join, feel free! Or let me know if you’d like help setting something like this up.

PRO TIP: Click on the 3 dots in the bottom menu bar and select “View full screen.” It’s much better that way. 😁

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There's an LIVE component too! (for educators)

If you’d like to explore some of the most essential skills and techniques in the course live, with a cohort of curious, thoughtful, supportive, and like-minded educators (and a few mildly irreverent or benevolently sarcastic folks mixed in to make sure we don’t get too serious), that’s also an option!

Starting Thursday, February 3rd, we’ll meet via Zoom once a week, and go through selected strategies related to effective practice, managing nerves, and achieving flow states under pressure. We’ll do some in-class playing experiments (don’t worry – you’ll be muted!), short weekly homework assignments, and small-group breakout sessions to help you integrate these new skills into your teaching.

This 6-week live course is normally $199, but is available at 50% off the regular cost when bundled with Beyond Practicing. For more details about the live course (and dates) CLICK HERE.