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Quick Start Guide


Where do I start?

I know it may be super tempting to jump right in and start exploring the different skill lessons right about now. Don’t worry – we’ll get there soon, I promise! But first,  a couple quick things to help you get started on the right foot.0workbook-covers

Print the Workbooks

Each lesson in the course has a workbook that includes a transcript of the lesson’s video and audio tracks – plus worksheets and cheat sheets (and pretty pictures).

I encourage you to print them out, as they’re designed to help you navigate through each module of the

Video (or Audio)

The video for each lesson is pretty hard to miss – but right underneath each video you’ll also find a small black bar, which is the audio-only version of the video. So if you just want to listen to the lesson sans visuals, that’s an option too.

Let’s Begin!

Ok! Ready to get started?

Download and print out the following Quick Start Guide. You’ll need the worksheet contained within in a moment.

Then, head on over to the self-assessment section, where you’ll establish a performance baseline and discover your mental strengths and weaknesses.

Begin the Self-Assessment