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Lesson 6: Trial Performance

Put your skills to the test

Yay! You’ve worked through the first lesson of the course. How did things go?

Once you’ve gotten the hang of centering, I’d encourage you to put your skills to the test by setting up a low-key performance for yourself. Whether it’s just a run-through for your iDevice, or a friend, getting into the habit of performing weekly will not only help you see how things are progressing, but actually be a big part of cementing your skills into place, and figuring out what to work on in the next week ahead.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Even a 10-minute mock performance, where you treat it like the real thing (i.e. make sure to center, and don’t stop no matter what!) will help a great deal if it is a regular habit.

Should I retake the PSI?

Once you’ve gotten through the lesson you may be tempted to retake your PSI.

However, I’d encourage you to wait until you’ve gotten a few more performances (mock or “real”) under your belt, and taken some time to reflect on the experience and review the video. Why?

Taking the PSI too frequently diminishes the reliability of your scores. Every month or two should be ok, but on a week-to-week basis, your post-performance notes and observations will be a better indicator of progress.

It’s sort of like trying to lose weight. Weighing yourself every few hours isn’t a particularly accurate gauge of how effective your diet and exercise changes have been. Seeing how your clothes fit after a month or two of working out, on the other hand, is a much more accurate indicator of your progress.

Onward ho!

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for centering, you could proceed on to Skill #2, or if you’d prefer, skip to another lesson that represents one of your weaker areas on the PSI.

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