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  • Akira Nakamura

    April 14, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    That does help! I like the idea of opening things up to experiment and finding what works for me. That makes sense too because we are all such unique musicians with unique backgrounds, it might actually not make sense to have a set in place formula for everyone.

    For me as an analytical perfectionist, I am going to do more performance runs to get confident in my ability to perform my music at the level that I am currently able to play it. I’m changing my mindset from “I need to make this better” to “I need to make my current-best show up on rep 1”. I am gonna accept where I am right now with my excerpts and focus on making my best show up. My plan is to go with the heavy performance runs and any woodshedding I feel like I need will be done mentally or vocally with a metronome/drone (depending on what I need). As a trumpet player my chops are finite and so I want to save them for my run throughs and tidy up technical points with just mental/singing reps. I’ve got to say how powerful singing through something is. It obviously takes less energy than playing the trumpet but like mental runthroughs it really engages the brain for me and gives me a clearer idea of how exactly I want things to sound. It cleans up tempo, intonation, style, etc.

    Your course is great by the way! Be safe in NY!


There's an LIVE component too! (for educators)

If you’d like to explore some of the most essential skills and techniques in the course live, with a cohort of curious, thoughtful, supportive, and like-minded educators (and a few mildly irreverent or benevolently sarcastic folks mixed in to make sure we don’t get too serious), that’s also an option!

Starting Thursday, February 3rd, we’ll meet via Zoom once a week, and go through selected strategies related to effective practice, managing nerves, and achieving flow states under pressure. We’ll do some in-class playing experiments (don’t worry – you’ll be muted!), short weekly homework assignments, and small-group breakout sessions to help you integrate these new skills into your teaching.

This 6-week live course is normally $199, but is available at 50% off the regular cost when bundled with Beyond Practicing. For more details about the live course (and dates) CLICK HERE.