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  • Anthony Briggs

    February 27, 2018 at 7:13 am

    Hi Noa and Nanci,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to my thread. Hearing from you guys is making me feel a lot better. Apologies Noa for late reply! I’ve been in the studio wrapping up a project, had a few gigs, along with teaching guitar and trying to deal with two children under four!! I’ve ordered a copy of ‘Grit.’ That seems like the avenue I’m going to have to take to possibly help my attitude after the operation. A really interesting read about Patrick Costello too. That is exactly the kind of article to help motivate me.

    Great to hear from you too Nanci. I am currently down to 40% hearing loss in my right ear, so understand how much that changes sound. It’s good to know that there are other people working with hearing loss and are continuing to do what they love. Are you close to getting a sound you are happy with through your hearing aids? I will have the option of one type of hearing aid. Due to the location of my tumour, operation will remove the cochlear completely. I had an in depth discussion with my Neurologist. If they try and save the cochlear I am putting my facial nerve at greater risk. This will increase the chances of facial paralysis. So the hearing aid I’ll be able to have will have a mic that attaches to my right side and that will pick up sound and send it to the left. I’ll still be out of the world of stereo but it will even things out a little. On the plus they say the tinnitus could possibly go. I like the sound of your colleagues ebook. That would be great if you could forward at on to me. My email address is [email protected]. I’m willing to check out anything that’ll help especially if you found it helpful.

    I have a friend who had exactly the same tumour and the same size! This a huge coincidence as these are fairly rare! I have an idea of what to expect the other side. She spent the first week in a dark room in bed, and after that began adapting to the loss of hearing. As the thing grows on the nerve related to balance she had to learn how to balance and walk straight again as that all changes too. The whole recovery process for her was around 10 weeks. For the last part she felt fine, when she walked however, it was like she’d spent the night drinking down the local pub.

    One thing I have always done in negative situations is try and create something new and positive from them. For example I was playing guitar for this singer songwriter for a few years. He was on the cusp of some great opportunities. We were gigging, recording, did some radio sessions and even got to go to Abbey Road to master the record. Then the whole thing fell apart. He was having some health issues of his own and over the course of a few weeks it was finished and he went off the radar. I remember to start with being really bummed out about it. Then I decided I would go back to studying. I started doing Skype sessions with a flamenco guitarist in Malaga. I eventually went out there to meet him. I never would have done that if the other project kept going. Now I’m glad it happened because I learnt so much from him. I think I’m going to adapt this approach again once I’m on the mend. I have always wanted to spend time studying rhythm, with a percussionist or drummer. I feel it would be a good time as my hearing less but I may be able to feel more internally that way. I’m obviously not putting myself under any pressure but can point myself in that direction, Apologies if I’m going on a bit here. For me just getting this out of my system helps!

    I know I’m at the thin end of the wedge at the moment. It will be harder once I’m the other side. Kind of like how you think having children will be before you have them, verses what its actually like!! However, I’m ready for this now. I’ve currently got about 2 weeks left until they operate.

    I really appreciate your comments and thoughts. It’s so great theres an outlet and way for me to talk about this. I’ll definitely be keeping up on this thread. Just writing this has made me feel more positive.

    Thank you!!!


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