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  • gr3gor-fussenegger

    November 22, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Dear Mr Kageyama:I recently bought your program. I didnt go threw everything yet (as you suggested im going to do everything step by step and without any rush) but i already have a question concerning this topic about “Hearing in your brain before you play”:Concerning practising in general (im in my bachelors on violin by the way):Do you think it is more important to practise a piece precisly through (getting the rythm, melody, phrasing, musical ideas, dynamics, etc. ) just in your head before even touching your instrument to start practising physically?Or is it good to simultaneously do both. (1) going threw a short phrase mentally with all the details and 2) immediatly after that practising the same on your instrument, getting the intonation, the sound, tempo and the technical problems fixed.)Since you posted this video from leon fleischer started to ask myself: isnt everything we do on our instruments based on mental practise? –> so actually also all the technical problems (getting fast passages, getting the intonation right).Could you improve then for example your intonation on the instrument by practising to hear the right notes in your inner ear without even playing them?Or getting a fast passage by just imagening it in your head and gradually try to hear it faster and faster (working with metronome) until you feel secure hearing it in the desired tempo in your head?If this works, then actually the only things we need to practise on our instruments would be fluency of muscles and a few basic techical exercises to produce the sound that you want in certain passages of exactly those pieces that you play at the moment.(but i guess scales -for intonation- will always remain a must -.-)I remember in one of your statements in your blog you mentioned that you yourself used to practise a lot mentally, but you also said you should have spent more time on the instrument? If mental practise is so important, how come you say that?All in all would you say that mental practise is more important than physical?Sincerely,Gregor

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