Practice That Sticks

Ever wonder why you can sound good at the end of a practice session, but the next day, sound as if you didn’t practice at all the day before?

Where you diligently put in repetition after repetition, yet very little seems to “stick?”

It’s not a sign that you lack talent or ability. More than likely, it’s just a sign that your practice may not be organized in an optimal way. Or perhaps, that the practice strategies you’re using are oriented more towards fast but temporary improvements, as opposed to more durable and stable changes that “stick” and transfer to the stage.

A lot of the most intuitive and natural practice strategies that we gravitate towards seem to work in the moment, but lead to rather fleeting changes. So in this concise, to-the-point, 60-min course, you’ll learn several research-based practice strategies that will not only maximize the effectiveness of your practice, but also ensure that more improvements will stick from one day to the next.

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