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Alumni Directory

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Instrument: Voice
Location: Reston, VA
Instrument: Flute
Secondary Instrument(s): Instruments in the flute family
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Instrument: Piano
Secondary Instrument(s): Violin, Voice, Recorder, Ukelele
Location: Ontario, Canada
Notes: Education:  Bachelor of Mathematics, Diploma Church Music & Worship, Bachelor of Education (K-6) Teaching Additional Qualifications:  Special Education, Kindergarten, Teaching Native Children, Librarianship, Literacy. Music Qualifications:  RCM Certified - Elementary Piano Pedagogy I specialize in teaching young students.  I have a 100% participation rate in recitals and a low turnover rate.
Instrument: Voice
Location: Alicante, Spain
Notes: voice teacher, vocal coach, public speaking coach, voice researcher, voice illustrator
Instrument: Voice
Secondary Instrument(s): Piano
Location: Nashville, TN USA
Notes: Hello there, I'm Abbie Anderson! Professionally, I’m a private voice teacher, personal vocal coach, masterclass clinician, (soon to be group class vocal instructor and course creator,) and the founder and owner of Open Heart Voice Studios. Avocationally, I'm a songwriter, jazzer, Musical Theatre performer, and CCM singer, though I'm cross-trained as a choral/Classical vocalist as well. In my work with singers I help them own their personal practice time to develop technique for healthy singing, understanding of stylistic nuance, specific artistic interpretation of their songs, a polished repertoire, and simple yet powerful emotional honesty in performance. I love working on passion projects with my clients such as cowriting original music, arranging medlies/mash-ups, planning solo concerts, and demo recording from my home studio. I'm also especially fond of improvisatory music and toplining so I can't wait to teach these skills by facilitating group music-making in future classes. I studied Voice Pedagogy/Performance while earning my B.M. in Commercial Music and have independently pursued vocal training with numerous industry professionals. I continue to invest in my business and ongoing education through programs such as the CCM Institute at Shenandoah University, The Voice Study Centre in Europe, the National Association for Teachers of Singing, and The SpeakEasy Cooperative for Independent Voice Studios. So excited to finally add The Bulletproof Musician to the mix!
Instrument: Director of Large Ensemble Administration at NEC
Secondary Instrument(s): French horn
Location: Watertown, MA
Instrument: Piano
Secondary Instrument(s): Clarinet
Location: Georgia, USA
Notes: My development into the artist I am today has been eventful and full of action. It has certainly not only included piano playing. Other instruments, dancing and boxing have all contributed their part. I co-own a non-profit swing dance company in metro Atlanta called Triple Step Studios.
Instrument: violin, modern and Baroque
Secondary Instrument(s): viola
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Instrument: Violin
Secondary Instrument(s): Guitar
Location: Athens, Georgia USA

There's an LIVE component too! (for educators)

If you’d like to explore some of the most essential skills and techniques in the course live, with a cohort of curious, thoughtful, supportive, and like-minded educators (and a few mildly irreverent or benevolently sarcastic folks mixed in to make sure we don’t get too serious), that’s also an option!

Starting Thursday, February 3rd, we’ll meet via Zoom once a week, and go through selected strategies related to effective practice, managing nerves, and achieving flow states under pressure. We’ll do some in-class playing experiments (don’t worry – you’ll be muted!), short weekly homework assignments, and small-group breakout sessions to help you integrate these new skills into your teaching.

This 6-week live course is normally $199, but is available at 50% off the regular cost when bundled with Beyond Practicing. For more details about the live course (and dates) CLICK HERE.